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Eric Lee

It is with great sadness that we announce the recent passing of our practice's founding partner Eric Lee. 

Eric started the practice in Southport back in 1969. It was known then as Eric Lee & Co.  In the early 1970's Kevin Garvey joined Eric and the practice became known as Lee Garvey.  Lee Garvey later became Gold Group Consulting. Eric built a considerable practice which at one stage included several prominent clients including Arthur Earle and the Robina Land Corporation. His clients knew him as an accountant who could think outside the square and his considerable and savvy business negotiation skills. 

Kev Garvey, in his humorous and moving liturgy made comment that in all the years of public practice together they did not have one single argument.  Eric prided himself on not only knowing the price of something, but also the value of something.  Eric was also a good judge of character, two young girls he hired in the 1980's are still employees of the Gold Group today and they remember him as a very kind boss.  Rob Fearnley, a current partner of the Gold Group worked with Eric in the late 1980's and recalls him being a great mentor to staff and highly regarded by his clients.  Several of Eric's clients are still with the Gold Group today and have been clients for well over 40 years.  Eric retired in 1988 and we hear he enjoyed his retirement cruising around the world.  He also was a very keen singer and actually helped found the Banana Blenders, now one of Queensland's most prominent Barber Shop choral organisations.

Our thoughts are with his family on this sad occasion.