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Swedish Tax System

Swedish Tax System

We all remember the recent story about how much the head of Australia Post was being paid. Well did you know that in Sweden you can request a copy of anyone else’s tax return and find out how much they earn. The only catch is the person who’s return you requested will be informed as to who has requested it. So if you want to see how much your manager or boss earns you can request a copy of their tax return, however they will know you have been looking. How would you feel about this system if it was adopted in Australia?

This policy is part of Sweden’s openness and commitment to pay equality and the general level of wages in society and they regularly conduct audits of companies with more than 25 employees to ensure there are no gender pay gaps.

The Swedes openness policy has led to their tax agency being rated as one of the most trusted agencies in the country. Contrast this with the Australian Tax Office!