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Looking to buy a business? Good independent advice will ensure you make an informed investment. We can give you assistance in analysing the financial performance and potential of the business, so you can make the best decision possible.

Do you understand your lock up days? The higher your days, the less cash you have available. Talk to us about how to reduce the lock up days in your business to free up your cash #FinancialAwareness #CashIsKing

Are you making the most of your allowable tax deductions? Individuals can claim for general work-related expenses as well as occupation-specific expenses and working from home. Book a time now - we’ll help maximise your return.

Fringe Benefits Tax Returns are not always straightforward! Get your information ready now for lodgement and talk to us. We can assist with your FBT calculations and lodgement, to make sure you are receiving eligible concessions and exemptions.

It’s not easy to request payment right now but it is important to keep cash flowing into your business. As with all business dealings right now, a little empathy and a lot of open communication can go a long way.

The JobKeeper payment is for businesses significantly impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, and the measures in place to restrict it. The treasurer has now released rules governing the scheme. Get in touch with us about your business.

'Business continuity’ is the process of planning out how your company can continue trading – when disaster hits. In essence, it’s your Plan B for how to set up a means of trading, when you don’t have access to your usual offices, workspaces or equipment. Right now businesses are having to put ‘Plan B’ into action.

Do you have unpaid super owing to employees? Act now to take advantage of the super amnesty to avoid further penalties. Contact us to calculate and report your unpaid super during the amnesty.

There are a wide range of support measures being implemented by both Federal and State Governments as well as financial institutions. Below is a list of the available assistance that has been announced as of the 2nd April 2020.

The JobKeeper Payment aims to support businesses to maintain their income and their connection with employees. The payment will be $1,500 per fortnight per employee for up to 6 months. Talk to us about your business.

The Federal Government have today announced an economic response to the Corona Virus. 

We have attached a summary of these measures for your information. 

If you have any questions in relation to this please contact us.

Small businesses are particularly vulnerable in tough economic times.

When sales are slow, there are still overheads and salaries that need to be sorted. Pre-planning and being proactive can help you weather tighter economic periods and allow you to continue to thrive.

Make sure you have a clear picture of your payroll, and any other planned expenses that will need to be accounted for.

If there’s even a possibility that there could be a shortfall, it’s essential to meet this head-on. Whether this means talking to your supplier or creditors to figure out an arrangement, or compromising on other business outgoings, you must make a plan to ensure that the business, or your staff, won’t suffer.