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When you're looking to expand and grow your business, you'll almost certainly need extra finance to achieve this. But what’s the best funding route for your company?

Should you opt for equity or debt when it comes to sourcing this additional investment and capital? And what are the pros and cons of these two options?

Your profit and loss statement (P&L) helps you understand your business performance and profitability over time. It’s sometimes called an Income statement and its main purpose is to list income and expenditure.

Are you confident in understanding the financial snapshot of your balance sheet? Would you like to know more about the relationship between assets and liabilities to assist business decisions?

Reducing the average time-frame on payments, for your business will help with your overall business health. Start with a straight forward system, clear credit terms and good communication with customers. 

Are you feeling like a slave to your business? GetInTouch - we can help you regain control of your business using the three tools every business must have: A Business Plan, an Annual Forecast and Accountability. It’s best practice in business.

It can be a big decision to commit to having a new member on the team but the right person will help drive your business forward or give you more time in your day. We can help you identify the costs when you are ready to expand.

Is your small business registered for GST? You might not be entirely confident of your projected earnings, so it’s fine to hold off until you’re sure you’ll hit the threshold. But remember to monitor your profit closely so that you don’t pay extra.

Not sure what an accountant can do for your business? Well, the right accountant will do a lot more than just help with your tax returns! Your accountant should be a trusted business advisor, helping you lead with more confidence.